Letters to Our Children

Letters to our Children is a popular project among women in photography with children. I was first approached about doing this project in December 2012, but I wasn’t ready and was quite intimidated. I still had (have) so very much to learn about photography that the thought of creating a blog and committing to writing letters to my children with photos each month was extremely overwhelming. However, the more letters that I see my friends post, the more I want to try and do it too. They are so heartfelt and I’m sure will be treasured by their children forever.

On the last Friday of each month we post letters to one or all of our children along with pictures. This is way out of my comfort zone, but isn’t that how we grow? So April will be my very first post. Here we go!

Please don’t forget to follow the blog circle and check out my talented friends by clicking on the link at the end of each post.

Check out my Letters to my Daughter

Check out my Letters to my Sons

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