August 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,


Will’s bday

Matthew and the “fit it” story.  I’m going to get my drill and my wrench and my hammer and help the worker men fix it

How M kisses me good night – holding my face kissing different parts, but saying them first.  The books we are reading.

M being so excited to move up to the Panda Room.

First days of school for the big kids

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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July 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

This month started off with the 4th of July holiday.  We had a great time watching the parade as this year Matthew was really interested in it and especially loved seeing all of the big fire engines and other trucks.

We also went to Vail and visited Uncle Les and Molly as they refereed lacrosse games at the Vail Shoot Out.  It was a great experience for Will to watch some real games and learn from Les and Molly who know so much about the game. There was also a splash park at near the fields and Matthew had a blast getting wet!

Will was invited to attend the Lacrosse World Cup in Denver with my Aunt Nancy, Uncle Les, Zach, Tara and Molly.  You had a great time watching games and are so very excited about playing lacrosse and improving.

Then mid month Dad and I took a long weekend and I met him up in Canada for the weekend.  We visited the town of Victoria on Vancouver Island and had a great time together while you all got to hang out with Grandma, Grandpa and Ali.

At the end of the month, Chicago Amy and her family visited us for a few days.  Its was really fun to be able to spend some quality time with Amy, Jason, Ali and Sam!  The weather was pretty ugly the whole time they were in town so we didn’t do much outside, but you went bowling, watched movies and played cards.

A few of Matthew’s favorite things this month:

“Bless you me.” – post sneezing

“I want to make good choices!” – while crying in time-out

“Why are you eating trees Mommy?” – in reference to my broccoli salad

You’ve also mastered winking….well, the 2 eyed wink.  😉

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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June 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

June is almost over and with it goes the first month of summer break.  I’m not sure how you’ve already been out of school for a month.  June was really busy for us all so it flew by.

Will, you met Dad for a long weekend in California on the tail end of one of his business trips.  It was the first time you flew alone and although you were nervous, you did great! You both had a blast visiting Lego Land and then Disney Land.  Your love for lacrosse continues to grow and just like when you find something you love, you’ve been practicing, practicing, and practicing.  You take your stick just about every where you can and you’ve even turned a few friends on to it as well.

Meanwhile, Nicky, Matthew and I had a nice weekend hanging out in Denver while Will and Dad were away.  Nicky got some girl time in with Aunt Ali Cat going out to dinner in downtown Denver and getting some cool hand me downs from her closet as you love when she cleans her closet!

Mid-month we met Aunt Janine’s family, the Havermann’s, at Steamboat Lake for a night of camping.  We’ve never camped with 36 people before and it was super fun.  Will and Matthew, you both had a great time running around with all the other kids.  Matthew, you even slept much better in a tent this time! 🙂   On par with your busy schedule, Nicky, you had a conflict and were at a Rugby tournament while we camped and then Dad and Will went to your games on Sunday.

The following weekend was my cousin Zach’s wedding to Tara.  We spent the weekend in Denver as the rehearsal dinner was Friday and then the wedding was Saturday night. We had a nice weekend spending time with that entire side of our family and dancing at the wedding.

Matthew, you continue to love “diggers”, but your new favorite are cement mixers and you ask to see them when we’re driving.  We still drive to Denver once a week and now you talk in sentences the entire way down which is really cute and rather fun.  A few current things about you: you get a crazy bust of energy at bed time and run around like your hair is on fire, your obsession continues with looking at pictures and videos of yourself and when you’re laughing in the video, you totally crack up watching it!

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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May 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

Well, we FINALLY have spring/summer in the high country!  Will spent all month asking me almost daily if it was going to snow again and much to his disappointment the answer was always “probably kiddo, we do live at 9000 feet”.  Mid-month it snowed over one foot, however by the end of the month the weather had turned nice and warm causing the trees and flowers to start blooming.  Its also one of my favorite times of year when the water coming down the mountain sounds like a raging river and we can hear it with the windows open!  Now that its been much nicer Will and Matthew have been playing outside before school and Nicky has been going down to the park at the bottom of the hill to play tennis with other teens from the neighborhood.  We’ve also been spending tons of time at the various parks around Summit County.  May also marks the end of the school year.  We now officially have a Middle Schooler in the house as well as a High School Senior.  Oh my goodness, time flies.

Nicky, my beautiful daughter, you are so incredibly insightful, intuitive and are maturing daily.  You finished up school this week and are very excited to become a Senior. (A Senior?!  When and how did this happen?  haha)  I’m excited for you too, as this next year should be a great one.  You worked hard to raise your grades at the end of the year and Dad and I proud of you.  I’m also looking forward to taking your Senior photos and, as you can tell, have been getting my ducks in a huddle finding locations, asking you about outfits, etc.  🙂  You also finished up your WSI (Water Safety Instructor) course and you officially start teaching swim lessons next week.  I’m excited that you have to work on lesson plans for your classes and that you’re working with kids of all ages.  It’ll be a great add-on experience to your lifeguarding.  This summer you’re going to be kept busy with swim lessons, lifeguarding, work at Keystone and the library!

Will, my sweet and thoughtful middle-man, this week you had your Promotion Ceremony to celebrate the completion of Elementary School and transition to Middle School.  Daddy and I are proud of how hard you worked and I’m confident that you’ll do well next year.  You are ready for a new mix of kids and new activities as you’ve been struggling a bit to “find your place” and having a few issues with some kids you’ve been in school with for a long time.  This is the first summer in quite awhile that you don’t have summer school so I think that is going to be good and bad for you.  I’m afraid that the weeks where you don’t have camps scheduled you’ll be quite bored, but we’ll figure it out. 🙂 You’ve also been practicing with your new Lacrosse stick like crazy and its fun to see you improving quickly.  Next weekend you fly by yourself to California to meet up with Dad on the tail end of one of his business trips.  You’re a bit nervous about flying by yourself, but I know you’ll do great.  You and Dad will have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Matthew, my littlest man, you amaze me each and every day!  Daily you continue to make all of us laugh as you’re quite the little jokester with a personality much larger than you!  For you, this month doesn’t mark the end of school as you stay in daycare year round and I’m sure it is going to be hard for you to understand that Will isn’t going to school, but that you have to.  Fortunately, you LOVE going to school and you have a wonderful teacher and great kids in your class.  In fact, you have Jess as your lead teacher and he’s been at the school so long he was even Will’s teacher in the 2 year old room.  He’s wonderful and we are so lucky.  I write this each month, but you’re learning so quickly!  You start doing and saying things these days that I didn’t even know you knew (you’re obviously learning at school too) and you can have conversations with us about all kinds of things.  You still love “diggers” of all sorts and not much makes you happier than when we are driving and see them working or on trucks.  You even know the differences of the specific types: excavators, backhoes, front-end loaders, etc.    You love reading books and I love the fact that you’ll say “Mommy, read a book to me.” or “Daddy, read me a book!”   Currently, your favorites are Good Night Moon, I am a Bunny, and a bunch of different truck books.  Lastly, you’ve become quite the little “diva” when it comes to your clothing.  You fight me daily as you want to wear the same shirt over and over.  You’re so opinionated about your clothes and have your own unique fashion sense which varies from hipster in skinny jeans and converse to hillbilly in snow boots, mittens, shorts and a hoodie.

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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April 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

This month we took our annual Spring Break trip to Moab for a few days.  The first night we camped at an amazingly beautiful camp site near Fisher Tower.  Nicky and Will, you always love camping, but this was the first time for Matthew.  Matthew, you loved running around, playing in the dirt with sticks and stones and exploring with your big brother and sister.  You even loved my camping tradition of making tacos and s’mores which is always requested by Nicky and Will.  Truth be told, I know you loved the s’mores best as you kept running away and hiding while eating yours so that no one could steal it from you.

Camping was great fun for all of us until night time came.  Matthew, you didn’t want to go to bed.  The thought of going into the tent without the rest of us was not something you were going to do so we let you stay up past your bedtime and we all attempted to go to bed at the same time.  First, you screamed because you didn’t want to get changed for bed, then you screamed because you didn’t want to get into the sleeping bag.  It was COLD and not using a sleeping bad was not an option.  Then you were so overtired and hopped up on sugar that you were just plain and simple CRAZY.  You were bouncing around the tent.  Nicky and Will were so patient with you, but even our patience was wearing thin.  Ha!  We finally got you to sleep, but people kept arriving at the camp site…headlights, car doors, talking, walking, etc.  UGH.  Well those folks got their payback at 4:30 AM when you woke up and the whole camp site heard you announce “I want to wake up!”.  Let’s just say that camping again soon is not something you’re going to do.  😉

Nicky, you and I had a great time in the last week going to the Hunter Hayes & Danielle Bradbery Concert in Colorado Springs.  They were both great live and it was fun spending time with you.  In that same week you started your Water Safety Instructor classes and were getting ready for Jr. Prom this weekend.  What a busy week!  Prom was a blast as you and a few friends got ready at our house and then went to take pictures with your dates.  You did all of the girls’ hair, including your own, and you have a natural talent – I was so impressed!  You and your date, Matt, both looked very adorable.

Will, you’ve been busy too.  This past week you had your Chess Club tournament which you enjoyed a lot.  You’re also still enjoying playing lacrosse, but are anxious for the weather to get better.  As I write this, near the end of April, it is still snowing and we are all so ready for warm weather and sun.  In fact, the mornings that have been nice, you and Matthew have been playing outside before your school bus comes and when its nice after school you can’t finish your homework fast enough to get back outside and practice your skateboarding or play with your sling shots.

Matthew, while camping we went on a hike and you loved being in the hiking backpack, which was a relief since you don’t normally like being “contained”.  You were so funny. You talked the entire time telling us about the things you saw in the rocks and about hunting for dinosaurs.  You have a great imagination!  Aside from your new camping experience this month you have been continuing to grow your vocabulary by leaps and bounds every day and you have a running commentary about the things you’re thinking and what you see.  The other day you used the word “actually” in the correct context and made us all laugh.  You are a funny little boy and make all of us smile and laugh on a daily basis.

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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March 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

We’ve had quite the winter this year with snow, more snow and even more snow.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much in our yard!  It’s been fun and has allowed all three of you to ski lots and enjoy great terrain.

This month has been a month of successes for you big kids.  Nicky, you competed in a regional competition at Vail and didn’t do as well as you would have liked, but you were able to turn it around at Breckenridge and place 3rd in your age group.  We were all there cheering you on (me, dad, Will, Grandma, Grandpa, Ali and Jeff).  You skied a very difficult venue so well and I’m so proud of you.  It was also really fun to see you “glow” with a sense happiness and accomplishment.

Next month brings many things for you to look forward to: Junior Prom, training to be a swim lesson instructor, spring break in Moab and the Hunter Hayes & Danielle Bradbery contcert!

Will, you have been competing in mostly alpine racing events this year and doing very well, however this month you also participated in your first Big Mountain Competition at Breckenridge the weekend before Nicky’s regional comp.  You don’t train much with the Big Mountain kids, but you went out there and crushed it!  Out of a field of about 20 boys in your age group, you placed 3rd!  Dad overheard kids asking around “Who is this Will Wagner kid?”  I’m so proud of you.

Now that spring is in the air, you are definitely ready to move on to playing outside with your friends, learning Lacrosse and skateboarding.

Matthew, almost every weekend we go to Copper Mountain to take you skiing for a short time.  Sometimes you last 5 minutes and others you ski for a half hour or more.  You love skiing and have a blast on the Magic Carpet.  I think you love it so much partly because you see all of us with our gear and you know that Nicky and Will love it, so you naturally want to do it too!  The best part of skiing at Copper for you is riding the bus from the parking lot to the mountain…that’s the highlight of your day.

When you’re not thinking about skiing, riding the bus or wearing your ski boots around the house, you’re talking.  You talk a lot and tell us about all kinds of things.  Currently you love all things “diggers”.  You look for them when we are in the car, you play with them at home and at school and you watch shows with diggers such as “Bob the Builder” and “Mighty Machines”.

Recently you did something just hilarious and disgusting…you put a mini chocolate chip up your nose.  You told us you did it and we didn’t believe you, but Dad looked just in case and didn’t see anything.  Grandma was over and commented “well, if he did put one up there, it’ll melt.”  We laughed and moved on.  About 15 minutes later there was chocolate dripping from your nose!  Yuck!  You keep me on my toes!

It is super fun being your mom and I’m so lucky to have the 3 of you in my life.  I can’t wait to see the fun we have in Moab next month!

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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Ugh, more snow!

Living in the Colorado Rockies we always expect snow in the springtime.  However, this year we have gotten more snow in the spring than we did during the entire winter (or at least it feels that way).  After the past few years and the lack of snow all we hear is “well, we need the moisture”.  Yes, yes we do, but I’m ready for SPRING!  Image