Behind the Lens

I have always adored photos.  Any kind of photos…color, black & white, printed, digital, it didn’t matter. There’s something about time being frozen in an image – I had an obsession.  In high school I borrowed my father’s “real” camera for a photography class and used various point and shoot cameras all the time.  I would go to the park and take snapshots of my friends, just because we could.  Then as I went to college I documented everything through photography and scrapbooking.  My travels and study abroad in Europe resulted in many many rolls of film to develop when I returned. I meticulously ordered the photos and documented every detail in books. As I experienced life events such as getting married (and all of the fun events leading up to the big day) and having a baby the photos started to mean even more.  I love going back though old pictures – I could do it all day!

I was in LOVE with photography, but LIFE got in the way.

As photography became more and more digital, I was no longer printing my photos so scrapbooking came to a screeching halt.  Do you remember the Kodak commercial from years ago where the boy was doing a cannon ball into the pool, but he was stick mid-air, trapped in a digital picture on the computer?  Well that’s how all my photos were – trapped.  Years went by…

As I married and became a parent photography became increasingly important again.  I wanted to capture my family’s moments, but simply capturing them wasn’t enough.  I want to capture them BEAUTIFULLY and with MEANING.

In the fall of 2012, I discovered a photography forum called Clickin’ Moms and fell in love again.  It is a wonderful place dedicated to women in photography of all levels.  There are beginners, like me, and lots of professionals too. Through CM, I have gained a much greater appreciation for the art of photography and the work behind every photo.  I’ve taken a few classes improving my understanding of photography by leaps & bounds and my images are slowly getting better too.

Most of what I post will be SOOC (straight out of the camera) as I’m currently focusing on perfecting my shooting in camera.  As the year progresses I hope to find time to become proficient at Lightroom and Photoshop Elements as well.

Welcome to my journey of documenting our family life, beautifully!

It’s marvellous, marvellous! Nothing will ever be as much fun. I’m going to photograph everything, everything!  – Jacques-Henri Lartigue –

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