June 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

June is almost over and with it goes the first month of summer break.  I’m not sure how you’ve already been out of school for a month.  June was really busy for us all so it flew by.

Will, you met Dad for a long weekend in California on the tail end of one of his business trips.  It was the first time you flew alone and although you were nervous, you did great! You both had a blast visiting Lego Land and then Disney Land.  Your love for lacrosse continues to grow and just like when you find something you love, you’ve been practicing, practicing, and practicing.  You take your stick just about every where you can and you’ve even turned a few friends on to it as well.

Meanwhile, Nicky, Matthew and I had a nice weekend hanging out in Denver while Will and Dad were away.  Nicky got some girl time in with Aunt Ali Cat going out to dinner in downtown Denver and getting some cool hand me downs from her closet as you love when she cleans her closet!

Mid-month we met Aunt Janine’s family, the Havermann’s, at Steamboat Lake for a night of camping.  We’ve never camped with 36 people before and it was super fun.  Will and Matthew, you both had a great time running around with all the other kids.  Matthew, you even slept much better in a tent this time! 🙂   On par with your busy schedule, Nicky, you had a conflict and were at a Rugby tournament while we camped and then Dad and Will went to your games on Sunday.

The following weekend was my cousin Zach’s wedding to Tara.  We spent the weekend in Denver as the rehearsal dinner was Friday and then the wedding was Saturday night. We had a nice weekend spending time with that entire side of our family and dancing at the wedding.

Matthew, you continue to love “diggers”, but your new favorite are cement mixers and you ask to see them when we’re driving.  We still drive to Denver once a week and now you talk in sentences the entire way down which is really cute and rather fun.  A few current things about you: you get a crazy bust of energy at bed time and run around like your hair is on fire, your obsession continues with looking at pictures and videos of yourself and when you’re laughing in the video, you totally crack up watching it!

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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