May 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

Well, we FINALLY have spring/summer in the high country!  Will spent all month asking me almost daily if it was going to snow again and much to his disappointment the answer was always “probably kiddo, we do live at 9000 feet”.  Mid-month it snowed over one foot, however by the end of the month the weather had turned nice and warm causing the trees and flowers to start blooming.  Its also one of my favorite times of year when the water coming down the mountain sounds like a raging river and we can hear it with the windows open!  Now that its been much nicer Will and Matthew have been playing outside before school and Nicky has been going down to the park at the bottom of the hill to play tennis with other teens from the neighborhood.  We’ve also been spending tons of time at the various parks around Summit County.  May also marks the end of the school year.  We now officially have a Middle Schooler in the house as well as a High School Senior.  Oh my goodness, time flies.

Nicky, my beautiful daughter, you are so incredibly insightful, intuitive and are maturing daily.  You finished up school this week and are very excited to become a Senior. (A Senior?!  When and how did this happen?  haha)  I’m excited for you too, as this next year should be a great one.  You worked hard to raise your grades at the end of the year and Dad and I proud of you.  I’m also looking forward to taking your Senior photos and, as you can tell, have been getting my ducks in a huddle finding locations, asking you about outfits, etc.  🙂  You also finished up your WSI (Water Safety Instructor) course and you officially start teaching swim lessons next week.  I’m excited that you have to work on lesson plans for your classes and that you’re working with kids of all ages.  It’ll be a great add-on experience to your lifeguarding.  This summer you’re going to be kept busy with swim lessons, lifeguarding, work at Keystone and the library!

Will, my sweet and thoughtful middle-man, this week you had your Promotion Ceremony to celebrate the completion of Elementary School and transition to Middle School.  Daddy and I are proud of how hard you worked and I’m confident that you’ll do well next year.  You are ready for a new mix of kids and new activities as you’ve been struggling a bit to “find your place” and having a few issues with some kids you’ve been in school with for a long time.  This is the first summer in quite awhile that you don’t have summer school so I think that is going to be good and bad for you.  I’m afraid that the weeks where you don’t have camps scheduled you’ll be quite bored, but we’ll figure it out. 🙂 You’ve also been practicing with your new Lacrosse stick like crazy and its fun to see you improving quickly.  Next weekend you fly by yourself to California to meet up with Dad on the tail end of one of his business trips.  You’re a bit nervous about flying by yourself, but I know you’ll do great.  You and Dad will have a wonderful time and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Matthew, my littlest man, you amaze me each and every day!  Daily you continue to make all of us laugh as you’re quite the little jokester with a personality much larger than you!  For you, this month doesn’t mark the end of school as you stay in daycare year round and I’m sure it is going to be hard for you to understand that Will isn’t going to school, but that you have to.  Fortunately, you LOVE going to school and you have a wonderful teacher and great kids in your class.  In fact, you have Jess as your lead teacher and he’s been at the school so long he was even Will’s teacher in the 2 year old room.  He’s wonderful and we are so lucky.  I write this each month, but you’re learning so quickly!  You start doing and saying things these days that I didn’t even know you knew (you’re obviously learning at school too) and you can have conversations with us about all kinds of things.  You still love “diggers” of all sorts and not much makes you happier than when we are driving and see them working or on trucks.  You even know the differences of the specific types: excavators, backhoes, front-end loaders, etc.    You love reading books and I love the fact that you’ll say “Mommy, read a book to me.” or “Daddy, read me a book!”   Currently, your favorites are Good Night Moon, I am a Bunny, and a bunch of different truck books.  Lastly, you’ve become quite the little “diva” when it comes to your clothing.  You fight me daily as you want to wear the same shirt over and over.  You’re so opinionated about your clothes and have your own unique fashion sense which varies from hipster in skinny jeans and converse to hillbilly in snow boots, mittens, shorts and a hoodie.

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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