April 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

This month we took our annual Spring Break trip to Moab for a few days.  The first night we camped at an amazingly beautiful camp site near Fisher Tower.  Nicky and Will, you always love camping, but this was the first time for Matthew.  Matthew, you loved running around, playing in the dirt with sticks and stones and exploring with your big brother and sister.  You even loved my camping tradition of making tacos and s’mores which is always requested by Nicky and Will.  Truth be told, I know you loved the s’mores best as you kept running away and hiding while eating yours so that no one could steal it from you.

Camping was great fun for all of us until night time came.  Matthew, you didn’t want to go to bed.  The thought of going into the tent without the rest of us was not something you were going to do so we let you stay up past your bedtime and we all attempted to go to bed at the same time.  First, you screamed because you didn’t want to get changed for bed, then you screamed because you didn’t want to get into the sleeping bag.  It was COLD and not using a sleeping bad was not an option.  Then you were so overtired and hopped up on sugar that you were just plain and simple CRAZY.  You were bouncing around the tent.  Nicky and Will were so patient with you, but even our patience was wearing thin.  Ha!  We finally got you to sleep, but people kept arriving at the camp site…headlights, car doors, talking, walking, etc.  UGH.  Well those folks got their payback at 4:30 AM when you woke up and the whole camp site heard you announce “I want to wake up!”.  Let’s just say that camping again soon is not something you’re going to do.  😉

Nicky, you and I had a great time in the last week going to the Hunter Hayes & Danielle Bradbery Concert in Colorado Springs.  They were both great live and it was fun spending time with you.  In that same week you started your Water Safety Instructor classes and were getting ready for Jr. Prom this weekend.  What a busy week!  Prom was a blast as you and a few friends got ready at our house and then went to take pictures with your dates.  You did all of the girls’ hair, including your own, and you have a natural talent – I was so impressed!  You and your date, Matt, both looked very adorable.

Will, you’ve been busy too.  This past week you had your Chess Club tournament which you enjoyed a lot.  You’re also still enjoying playing lacrosse, but are anxious for the weather to get better.  As I write this, near the end of April, it is still snowing and we are all so ready for warm weather and sun.  In fact, the mornings that have been nice, you and Matthew have been playing outside before your school bus comes and when its nice after school you can’t finish your homework fast enough to get back outside and practice your skateboarding or play with your sling shots.

Matthew, while camping we went on a hike and you loved being in the hiking backpack, which was a relief since you don’t normally like being “contained”.  You were so funny. You talked the entire time telling us about the things you saw in the rocks and about hunting for dinosaurs.  You have a great imagination!  Aside from your new camping experience this month you have been continuing to grow your vocabulary by leaps and bounds every day and you have a running commentary about the things you’re thinking and what you see.  The other day you used the word “actually” in the correct context and made us all laugh.  You are a funny little boy and make all of us smile and laugh on a daily basis.

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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