March 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

We’ve had quite the winter this year with snow, more snow and even more snow.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much in our yard!  It’s been fun and has allowed all three of you to ski lots and enjoy great terrain.

This month has been a month of successes for you big kids.  Nicky, you competed in a regional competition at Vail and didn’t do as well as you would have liked, but you were able to turn it around at Breckenridge and place 3rd in your age group.  We were all there cheering you on (me, dad, Will, Grandma, Grandpa, Ali and Jeff).  You skied a very difficult venue so well and I’m so proud of you.  It was also really fun to see you “glow” with a sense happiness and accomplishment.

Next month brings many things for you to look forward to: Junior Prom, training to be a swim lesson instructor, spring break in Moab and the Hunter Hayes & Danielle Bradbery contcert!

Will, you have been competing in mostly alpine racing events this year and doing very well, however this month you also participated in your first Big Mountain Competition at Breckenridge the weekend before Nicky’s regional comp.  You don’t train much with the Big Mountain kids, but you went out there and crushed it!  Out of a field of about 20 boys in your age group, you placed 3rd!  Dad overheard kids asking around “Who is this Will Wagner kid?”  I’m so proud of you.

Now that spring is in the air, you are definitely ready to move on to playing outside with your friends, learning Lacrosse and skateboarding.

Matthew, almost every weekend we go to Copper Mountain to take you skiing for a short time.  Sometimes you last 5 minutes and others you ski for a half hour or more.  You love skiing and have a blast on the Magic Carpet.  I think you love it so much partly because you see all of us with our gear and you know that Nicky and Will love it, so you naturally want to do it too!  The best part of skiing at Copper for you is riding the bus from the parking lot to the mountain…that’s the highlight of your day.

When you’re not thinking about skiing, riding the bus or wearing your ski boots around the house, you’re talking.  You talk a lot and tell us about all kinds of things.  Currently you love all things “diggers”.  You look for them when we are in the car, you play with them at home and at school and you watch shows with diggers such as “Bob the Builder” and “Mighty Machines”.

Recently you did something just hilarious and disgusting…you put a mini chocolate chip up your nose.  You told us you did it and we didn’t believe you, but Dad looked just in case and didn’t see anything.  Grandma was over and commented “well, if he did put one up there, it’ll melt.”  We laughed and moved on.  About 15 minutes later there was chocolate dripping from your nose!  Yuck!  You keep me on my toes!

It is super fun being your mom and I’m so lucky to have the 3 of you in my life.  I can’t wait to see the fun we have in Moab next month!

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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