February 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Hello kiddos!

As usual another month has flown by.  This month has been a mix of really happy events and a sad one too.  On the 3rd we lost your Great Grandfather, Frank H. Moore, Jr.  He passed away at the age of 92, but he had a wonderful and fulfilling life.  As Grammy says, “He was so lucky, he got to do everything he ever wanted!”  We should all be so lucky.  Grandpy was a kind and generous man who loved nothing more than his family.  You kids would light him up like no one else could.  Although you didn’t get to know Grandpy in his better days I’m so fortunate for you and him that you were able to spend time together.  I remember my Great Grandparents and I cherish those memories.

Some of the more fun and happy things that happened this month include you, Matthew, learning some new games.  Ali Cat was putting you to bed one night and she taught you to play with the shadows from your nightlight.  Now when we snuggle before bed you move your hands and watch the shadows on the ceiling. Will and Daddy also played your first game of Hide & Seek with you and it was so fun to watch!  You much prefer hiding with everyone to count than being the one show is sought out.

You’re also getting more and more bossy.  I think sometimes its by the day that your little toddler bossiness increases. You try to boss us all around and even include your toys. Just the other day you were putting your “diggers” in Time Out for being naughty.

Will, as usual you and Matthew are buddies.  You’ve had a blast lately hallway “bowling” in the kitchen before school using a mini soccer ball and blocks as your pins.  You both also LOVE playing with Legos and nothing will send your little brother running faster than you wanting to play Legos with him.

You pretty much spend your weekends skiing and I had the pleasure of skiing with you a few weeks ago.  You’ve become a beautiful skier!  You’re now working on perfecting your 3.  (Cool kid talk for a 360).

Nicky, you’ve been traveling again this month for big mountain comps.  Recently you were in Taos, NM and on the first run got 5th place and came in 8th overall.  Great job!  I’m really looking forward to this weekend when I get to watch you compete in Vail.  I hope to be able to capture some good pictures.

My favorite memory of you this month was when you and Matthew were having a dance party in the kitchen and he was laughing as you spun him around and around.

Lots of love!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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