January 2014 Edition of Letters to our Children

Dear Nicky, Will and Matthew,

Happy New Year!  I hope that this year is wonderful for each of you.

This year definitely started off with a bang and I feel like we’ve been running ever since the first day….

Nicky, you started the year off with an awesome trip to Silverton to ski with your team and were lucky enough to ski some of the most aggressive terrain in the state.  It was a great confidence booster for you, as well as a ton of fun.  Then you had a competition in Snowbird.  I’m so glad that Ali was able to be there with you and see you compete even if Dad and I weren’t able to go. It was a disappointment as you lost a ski and were disqualified, but you had fun nonetheless. The following weekend you went with your bestie, Kelsey,  and her parents to visit Ft. Lewis College in Durango and skied at Purgatory.  Are you tired yet?  😉  You have a few weekends home before your next competition and I’m anxiously waiting being able to watch you compete and take some photos!

Your journey over the next year is going to be an exciting one and I’m looking forward to being a part of it.  You’ll decide where you’re going to go to college and you’ll continue to mature into the wonderful young woman that you already are. I’m excited to hear all about your new adventures!

Will, we are now about 6 months away from you leaving elementary school and transitioning to Middle School!  I see signs that you’re getting ready to make the transition and its exciting, but I’m very happy to say you are still a sweet, caring boy.

This month you’ve been skiing.  A lot.  On Saturdays you ski with the Age Class group mostly at Copper Mountain and then on Sundays you go to A-Basin to hang with the Big Mountain crew, like your sister.  You are enjoying both aspects of skiing so much and you’re becoming a great skier.  In fact, this month you had your first alpine race and you got 2nd place!  I was so proud of you!

A few months ago you purchased a Rubik’s Cube and you worked at solving it with full force and then you upgraded to a “speed cube”. You searched online for videos to learn how to solve it and worked with your good friend, Payson, and his dad for additional tips.  When I asked you one day how you solve it, you replied “with algorithms, mom”.  Yeah, ok, duh (I guess).  Shortly after Christmas you used some Christmas money to purchase a 4×4 Rubik’s Cube (traditional ones are 3×3).  Well once again you worked and worked and worked until you solved it this month!

You’ve also been playing basketball which you enjoy as well.  Since you’re not very tall, one could think that basketball might not be for you, however you’ve found your niche.  You are the point guard since you’re little and very fast!

Matthew, I’ve always been in awe of how much you change and grow so quickly, but lately it feels like you are growing up by the hour!  Your vocabulary is growing constantly and in the last week you’re really speaking in sentences most of time and linking those sentences together.  Its amazing, even though you’ve become very bossy!

At the beginning of the month I took you tumbling and you had a blast!  You loved running around the obstacles, but your favorite was jumping on the trampoline.  You could have stayed all day.  We have also taken you skiing almost every weekend which you enjoy as well as you’re very much an outdoor kid.

A few funny things you’ve said this month:

-“Mom, I want M’s (M&Ms).”  – “Matthew, we don’t have any M’s.” – “Mom, you havta buy some”

The other night I kissed your head and you told me, “no Mommy, kisses go on mouth”.

Each time we take a photo or video you come over running afterwards yelling, “I wanna seeeee! I wanna seeee!”

I love you all so much!  Big hugs and kisses.  Mom

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