October Edition of Letters to our Sons

Dear Will,

This month brought lots and lots of snow for an October!  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this much snow this early in the season and it definitely has you and your sister very excited for ski season and Team Summit.  I think, like last year, you’re going to do the “Will Wagner Program”. Haha.  You have elected to do alpine ski racing on Saturdays and freestyle on Sundays.  This really doesn’t exist as a formal Team Summit program, but everyone is working to make it happen for you.

Your soccer team was undefeated and you had such a great time being part of a winning team!  Last year your team struggled so it was a nice change for you.

We also had parent-teacher conferences this month.  You are making such improvements in school with your reading and writing; Dad and I are really proud of you.  Ms. Browne and Ms. O’Malley told us when you have the choice of a topic in school you are always wanting to write about our trip to Hawaii this summer or about Pearl Harbor.  I didn’t realize that the trip had such the impact on you that it did.  Ms. O’Malley, who has worked with you for the last few years on your reading and knows you well, thinks that trip really bonded us as a family in your mind.

You’ve also become very interested in solving your Rubik’s cube.  Today you mastered it for the first time!!  You have been so diligent about researching how to solve it through watching You Tube Videos and an app on your iPod.  You’ve been frustrated at times but have stayed focused and solved it.  Dad and I have both commented that we’re not sure we have the patience to master something like that and think your drive is so awesome.

“The Adventures of Will and Matthew” is a story that you’ve started writing on the old computer that Grandpa fixed up for you.  It starts with when I was pregnant with your brother and is very sweet.  You sit on the couch in the TV room and write a few sentences at a time.  I can’t wait to see what the story becomes!

I love you Kiddo! Love, Jojo/Mom ******************************************************************************************************************** Dear Matthew,

Each day you are talking more and more and it is so amazing to watch you grow up and learn.  I’m amazed by your communication skills. You tend to surprise me by saying the funniest things or using words that I didn’t even know you knew!  You’re practically talking in sentences and I’m really glad that you can communicate (except when you yell NO!) and you can tell me what you want to eat, what you want to play with or what hurts.  Dad was just saying to me today how he loves your fun personality and the gusto for life that you exhibit every day.

Thursday’s when Grandma and Grandpa (or Be-Ba as you sometimes call him) babysit you, you’ve been going to visit Great-Grammy and Great-Grandpy.  They love having you visit as you bring them so much joy.  During the most recent visit you sat on Grammy’s lap and let her read you a story, gave lots of high-fives to Grandpy, and had plenty of hugs and kisses to go around.

As the snow has come early this year you’ve already played outside in it quite a bit with Will. You’re so lucky, he’s the sweetest big brother and he loves playing with you.  Just like last year, I have to carry you kicking and screaming when it’s time to come in since you want to stay outside.  The cold and snow don’t deter you, my little mountain baby.

I love you my little Matty-G.

Love, Mommy

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