October Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

As I sit here writing this month’s letters in the living room (on the white couch) you’re in the TV room watching a silly old war movie with Dad.  I think it is called “Stripes” but its really not my thing and I can’t even remember.  Every now and then I hear you laugh at the movie or ask Dad questions about having been in the military and both of those things make me smile.  It is a rare weekend night when you’re home hanging out with us and not going to football games, hanging out with friends or at work.  Will is at a sleepover so you and Dad were able to agree on a movie.  It is really nice for you to have some “Daddy – Daughter” time.  I loved that time with my dad when I was growing up and, in fact, I still do.

This month included your Junior year Homecoming.  You didn’t have a “date” per se, but went with a group of friends and seemed to have a nice time.  I was able to go to your friend Cody’s house for the “getting ready” part of the night and it was really fun to spend that time with you and your friends.  Sometimes “getting ready” for the event can be even more fun than the event itself.  You wore a green dress that you borrowed from Cody and you looked absolutely beautiful and so grown up.  I still can’t believe that you’re not a girl or a teenager anymore, you are a young lady.

I’m so glad that you aren’t afraid to go to Homecoming or other dances without a formal date.  Ali and I were just talking last week about how we wished that was the case when we grew up!  We would have gone to so many more dances and would have had lots more fun at the ones that we did go to.

We were all asked to do a writing project for Grammy and Grandpy recently.  One of their care takers is doing some sort of family project for them (none of us know the exact details) and asked all of the family members to write something for them…it could be a story, poem, letter, etc.  You wrote the most amazing little essay (for lack of a better word) about us, your family.  Grammy and Grandpy will definitely appreciate it and it brought me to tears.  You are a very thoughtful, sensitive, young lady.

I love you!  XOXO, Jojo/Mom

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.


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