September Edition of Letters to our Sons

Dear Will,

We are fully in the swing of school now and as much as you don’t like homework, you’re handling it well and having fun being at the top of the food chain.

This fall you’re playing soccer again and as usual, having a great time. You continue to amaze me by your love of playing goalie and you’re really good at it, too!  You’ve also become closer with some friends on your team who happen to live in our neighborhood and its been awesome for you to have some different kids you can run around with.  You’ve been hanging out with Matthew (not Matty-G) and a new friend named Payson.  You and Payson have bonded more quickly than I’ve ever seen you with a new friend and its fun.

Payson is home schooled so he isn’t at SVE with you and I think its kind of fun for you to learn about other ways of learning.  Payson is also GF/DF and I overheard the two of you having a very adult-like conversation about the affects of eating foods with gluten and dairy.  It cracked me up and I won’t gross everyone out by giving details.

You’ve also become quite obsessed with your iPod Touch and using it to play MIne Craft and message your friends (most frequently Payson).  It’s driving Dad and me a bit crazy as you’re turning into a pre-teen too quickly!

I love you Kiddo! Love, Jojo/Mom


Dear Matthew,

This month you turned TWO!  I seriously can’t believe you’re two already, where has the time gone?  I was recently telling a friend about the day you were born and on one hand it feels like yesterday and on another it feels so long ago.  Some day soon I’ll write you the story of when you were born.

In preparation for your birthday we were asking you to practice saying your age.  Most of the time the answer is “free” while trying your hardest to hold up two fingers.  When we respond “You’re two, silly boy.” you then try to convince us you’re 12!  Some days you are 2 going on 12, but please don’t grow up that quickly.

Next week you “move up” to the two year old room at school.  Last year when you transitioned out of the Infant Room, I was so sad and stressed.  It seemed like such a big change for such a little guy.  This year it’s very different; I’m excited for you to move up as I feel you’re ready.  You’re ready to try the potty, ready to play on the bigger play ground, ready to hang out with bigger kids.

Your latest favorite activity is taking a bath with Will.  You’ll stand at the top of the stairs and yell “Will in bath!” until he comes up.  Then once you can see that he’s on his way you’ll yell “Will coming! Will coming!”.  I think Will enjoys the bath time just as much as you do.  You’ve both recently started wearing goggles and a scuba mask in the tub.  It’s hilarious!

You are such an active little boy – you keep all of us “big people” on our toes since I don’t think you walk anywhere.  You have one speed – fast and one volume level – loud.

I love you my little Matty-G. Love, Mommy

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.

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