September Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

As I write this you are getting ready to leave for Utah for a few days on a Rugby trip.  I’m bummed that we can’t go with you, but I know you understand and you’ll have an amazing trip anyway.

You’re completely in the swing of things with school now.  You seem to have adjusted to the new year with great ease and everything is going well.  Even though you’ve been super busy we have had some fun time together the past few weeks.  I appreciate so much your help with my crazy creative spurts to get prepped for Matthew’s second birthday.  It was fun working with you and Marissa on the Elmo project – haha – and teenage manual slave labor is great!  I love when your friends come over and spend time hanging out with us (as opposed to hiding in your room doing teenage stuff) as it is a really nice way to get to know them better.  I really like the choices you’ve been making when it comes to friends and I think you have a great group of them!

As I say almost every letter, I love your bond with Will and Matthew.  It warms my heart to see you play and interact with them at each of their levels.  I hope that you will always remain close with your little brothers.  I love my sister so very much and we’ve only grown even closer as adults so I hope you can experience that too.

I hesitate to write the next part as I feel it is very personal, but since I already feel like I’m “putting myself out there” with these letters, I’ll just go for it.  Lately the topic of calling me “mom” is something both you and Will have discussed with me independently.  I’ve always said that as your step-mom you can call me whatever you want unless it is “Hey! Crazy Lady”.  You have both expressed interest in referring to me as your mom and you do that when you talk to your friends and teachers, however I’ve noticed that you are making an effort to call me “mom” to my face and especially around Matthew.  It makes me so happy that you are comfortable enough with me and with our relationship to want to call me “mom”.  I know our relationship will only continue to grow.

I love you!  XOXO, Jojo/Mom

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.


3 thoughts on “September Edition of Letters to our Daughters

    • Thank you Sarah! She’s so busy these days (which is great – a busy teenager is a good one) but she’s rarely in my photos. I hope to get a bunch this weekend with Homecoming!

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