August Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

This month just flew by, as usual.  I can’t believe that you started school on the 19th as it just felt too soon (your Junior year – woah!). Prior to school you buckled down and worked very hard on your AP History summer assignment, once you realized that you had one!  haha.  I am very proud of you and what you chose to do with your time this summer – you are realizing the benefit of hard work.

We also had a great day “school shopping” in Denver after your treatment one day.  I came home and told Dad that we had so much fun.  It was really great to spend some “girl time” with you and you found some really cute clothes so the mission was a success!

Now that Rugby has started you’re busier than ever and seem quite happy and content.  I’m excited to see what adventures this year brings for you!

I can’t wait to take you out with your friends this fall to let me attempt some portrait sessions!  I hardly have photos of you since you’re so busy, but we’ll make an effort to change that.

I love you!  XOXO, Jojo

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.

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2 thoughts on “August Edition of Letters to our Daughters

  1. Sweet letter this month, Joanne! How cool that your daughter plays Rugby!! That is a tough sport! My husband used to play in college, and I know for sure that I wouldn’t last a day! I hope she has a great Junior year 🙂

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