June Edition of Letters to our Sons

Dear Will,

This past month has flow by. (I think I always say that!)  I can’t believe that school is out, we went to Hawaii, you’re more than half way done with summer school, and its almost the 4th of July.

We had a wonderful family trip to Hawaii.  It was very long awaited as the adults had been planning it for almost 2 years, but you only knew for a few months.  I’m glad that Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and I didn’t tell you any sooner as your comment after being told was “I’m so excited I can hardly stand it, I’m not going to be able to sleep!  You should have told us like a week before we go.”  Sometimes you say the most hilarious and genuinely honest things – it cracks me up!

The flight to Hawaii was 7.5 hours which was the longest flight you have ever been on and you really didn’t remember flying previously as you were pretty little when we went to Disney Land.  You did so well on the flight and were very excited once we landed and got to the resort.  As you stood on the balcony for the first time checking out the view you said “This is the best vacation ever and I’m NEVER going home!”.  We had a great time.  We took surf lessons and you made it up on one of your very first tries – you were a natural.  You also paddle boarded, played in the pool, swam in the ocean, built stuff in the sand which your little brother crushed with gusto, snorkeled, participated in kids activities at the resort, went to Pearl Harbor and ate many many Shave Ice treats – YUM!

This month you also had your first baseball game of the season and you’re really liking it.  You moved up to “Kid Pitch” this year and its going well.  A few days ago you pitched for the first time – you were so excited and did very well!  Matthew loves coming to your games so he can look in the field for you and yell “Wuh! Wuh!”.

I look forward to more adventures this summer!

I love you Kiddo! Love, Jojo

Dear Matthew,

Summertime doesn’t mean a real difference in your routine, but you do know that it means we play outside so much more – which you love.  You can’t get enough of playing outside and when its time to come in, it more often than not involves you throwing a fit because you want to stay “OUTSIDE!”.    You love following Daddy around the yard checking out what work he is doing and trying to help or following Will around seeing what he is playing with and wanting to join in.  You currently love bikes and you stand in the garage pointing to the many bikes we have saying the name of the owner of each one.  We recently bought you  blue Strider.  You’ve been on it a few times, but you still aren’t quite sure what to think however I’m sure by the end of the summer you’ll be cruising around like a pro.  You also love the flowers I planted and want to help me water them daily.

Baseball finally started for Will and you enjoy playing outside at his games.  You look for him in the field and yell “Wuh!” when you see him.  You also like to clap and yell “YAY!” when others are cheering on the players.

A few days ago the mom of one of the players rode her horse to the game.  It was the first time you’ve seen an animal that big up-close.  I opened the car door and you saw him before you were even out of your seat.  You yelled “NEIGH” and were very excited.  I took you over to pet him and you kept saying “neigh, neigh” and then showing me where his nose, mouth and eyes were.  It was so cute!

This month we also had our big vacation to Hawaii.  You had a great time, just like the rest of us.  It was your first plane ride, Denver to Honolulu, for 7.5 hours.  UGH!  You handled the flight….ok.  It could have been better, but I think it could have been worse. HA!  The first few hours you took a nap which was great as it allowed me and Daddy some time to chill and rest, but once you woke up, you were ready to go.  You were ready to go anywhere besides that airplane.  You wanted out of your seat and insisted on kicking the seat of the man in front of you.  Thankfully he was very patient and didn’t complain – we even offered to buy him drinks!  If we took you out of your seat then you screamed when it was time to put you back in.  We were all so happy to land and get off the plane.

You were so very excited to play at the pool and in the sand and in the ocean.  You just loved it all and had a great time.  You are such a water baby and getting your face wet doesn’t bother you.  As the week went on you became more and more brave and loved playing on the steps into the pool or if we were at the ocean you ran in and splashed around, but mostly just LOVED the sand.  You would follow Will around and crush whatever he had built in the sand and then throw yourself to the ground and roll around in it.  And just like the rest of us, you loved Hawaiian Shave Ice.

I love you my little Matty-G. Love, Mommy

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