June Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

This past month included our long awaited family vacation to Hawaii.  We all had so much fun and I know that neither you nor I were ready to come home!  We could have easily stayed a few more weeks to play in the sun, water and sand.  We did so many fun things including hanging out in the lagoon on floats, snorkeling, playing in the pool with your brothers, surf lessons, paddle boarding, and a visit to Pearl Harbor. We also can’t forget the very yummy Shave Ice treats we ate frequently – MMMMMM.  It was fun to take a “real” vacation with you all and also to be with Grandma, Grandpa and Ali Cat.

Coming back to reality was tough and you jumped right back into work as a lifeguard at the rec center.  You’ve also been volunteering at the library once per week and in July and August you’ll have your job a few hours per week at Keystone helping with kids’ activities.  You’ve also  been staying busy with soccer and rugby practice a few times per week.  I’m so happy that you’ve found activities to keep you busy this summer so we don’t have to argue about the TV!  😉  HA!

Today we are going to get you your driver’s permit.  Even though you’re already 16, it wasn’t something that was a huge priority for you.  Being completely honest, when you turned 15 and wanted to get your permit, it scared the jeepers out of me.  Now that time has passed and you’re turning into such a mature young lady it no longer scares me – in fact I can’t wait for you to get your license as it will make quite a few things much easier next summer!

I look forward to more adventure this summer for all of us!

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.

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