May Edition of Letters to our Sons

Dear Will,

School ended yesterday so you’re officially a 5th grader! Even though we’ve had a terrible spring and it snowed yesterday you’ve been enjoying playing outside with your friends and starting baseball. We’ve also been riding bikes to the park and you’ve been breaking out the skateboard on a regular basis. It is starting to feel more like summer!

You’re going up so quickly and every day you do something that amazing me: your humor, sweetness for your little brother, willingness to help out when needed, math that you can do in your head, and so much more. One of my favorite moments this month was when Matthew was sick and he climbed up on the couch to snuggle with you! It was so sweet.

Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii and you are so excited! This is the first BIG family vacation we have ever taken together and it is going to be a blast. I can’t wait to see you play in the ocean and swim with your brother and sister. You’re also excited to go to Pearl Harbor as you are very interested in history and have watched a few documentaries to get ready for this trip.

I love you! Love, Jojo

Dear Matthew,

Each month you grow by leaps and bounds. The past few months you love to make sure we all know where our nose, eyes, mouth, teeth and hair are located, but this month you’ve really perfected it. When I’m snuggling with you before bed you have a tendency to shove your little finger up my nose and poke my eyes while saying those words! haha!

We have a “toddler” size park near our local rec center and now that the weather is nicer we have been going there a lot. I’ve even been hooking up the Burley and riding our bikes there. You love the park! The park is for people your size so you can climb on the stairs and go down the slide all by yourself. You’re becoming quite an independent little boy and are taking after your big brother with your social capabilities. We call Will “The Mayor” as he’s never been afraid to meet new people and ask anyone to play. You are becoming more and more the same way as you go interact with other kids and act like you run the park. You’ll stand on the bridge to the slide and say “MINE!” when other kids try to join you.

You still enjoy “school” and are learning many new words every day. The other day you were in the car, saw a bus outside the window and shouted “BUS!”. I had no idea you even knew the word. It is so fun to see what you learn each day.

Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii for our big family trip. All 5 of us are going and Ali, Grandma and Grandpa, too. I can’t wait to see you see the ocean for the first time and to play in the sand.

I love you my little Matty-G. Love, Mommy

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May Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

Yesterday was your last day of being of Sophomore!  I can’t believe that in 2 more years you’ll be going off to college, but I am so excited for you.

This past month has been a busy one for you.  You’ve played in numerous rugby games (including a prom dress game) that ened with the High School Nationals in Milwaukee, WI.  Dad and I are so proud of you for what you’ve accomplished and how hard you have worked.  Summit High School placed 6th nationally which was so awesome and it has been a great experience for you to be part of a nationally ranked team.

This month has also thrown a few challenges your way.  You’ve received some less than pleasant voicemails and have handled the situation, once again, with strength, courage and a level of maturity that most girls your age don’t possess. I feel confident that Dad and I are giving you the tools to handle anything thrown your way in the future.

Tomorrow we leave for Hawaii which will be so much fun.  I am really looking forward to relaxing with our family and experiencing something totally new together. You also have your lifeguarding job lined up again this summer in addition to a new opportunity working with kids at a camp a few days per week.  You learned of the second opportunity and went after with gusto – one has to make their own luck and you sure do!  You are going to have a great summer.

I love you sweetie!  Love, Jojo

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.