April Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

I don’t even know where to begin!  Since this is my first letter in the series, maybe I’ll start somewhere close to the beginning… In the 4 1/2 years that I’ve been married to your dad we have already shared so many amazing experiences as a family.  So many good things (soooo many good things!) and some not so good. You have been through some life experiences that no child, or adult should have had to deal with and you’ve come out on the other side a thoughtful, strong, and caring person. Those experiences have helped shape you into the amazing young woman that you’ve become and they make you so appreciative of the good things in your life.

As your step-mom (and even before I was your step-mom) we talked about how I was not going to replace your mother.  I was going to be a parent, first and foremost, but then your advisor and your friend – we could define our relationship and make it whatever we wanted.  And we have succeeded!  Our relationship is very special to me, much more so than I could have ever known and I’m sure I don’t tell you that enough. ❤

This year you are 16 and a sophomore!  I can’t believe it.  I remember little Nicky out on the mountain ripping it up.  You still rip!  You have worked hard at skiing and have become an amazing skier.  I love that you have a background in racing, but decided to move on and pursue Big Mountain Competitions. It is very fun to see you so passionate about this aspect of skiing and I can’t wait until I can go to one of your “comps” next year.  People ask me, “How on earth do you let your daughter do that?  Isn’t is dangerous?”.  Yes, it can be dangerous, although I don’t think its any more dangerous than hurling yourself down an icy mountain at top speeds (otherwise known as ski racing – haha) which I completely condone. I guess it helps to have a former ski racer for a step-mom, huh?

Your next athletic love is Rugby.  (Do we see a trend with risky sports?)  The Summit High School Rugby program has been amazing for you and I’m sure has helped to define your high school experience.  You have a great coach and amazing team mates, although Dad never thought he’d be telling his daughter “Great tackle, honey.”  This past fall, as a sophomore, you played on both the JV and Varsity teams.  I’ll never forget the game you played at Infinity Park where you were tackled and ended up with a pretty severe concussion.  I was so scared!  Parents never like to see their children hurt, but once again you came out on the other side of this injury stronger than before.  People ask me about Rugby, “How on earth do you let your daughter do that?  Isn’t is dangerous?”.  Yes, it can be dangerous, but children can’t be kept in glass jars.  The benefits to your mind and body for doing something you love, far outweigh the risks.  In just a few short weeks to head off to Milwaukee without me or dad for the weekend to compete in Rugby Nationals with the Varsity team and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

You are also a big sister.  Twice.  Your little brothers love you so much and look up to you, especially Will.  You are a wonderful sister and I see your bond with Will getting stronger every day as you both grow up.  Matthew loves you too! (Although we ALL know that Will is his favorite person, even before me and dad.  haha)  As Matthew has gotten a little bit older (19 mos), you have become much more comfortable playing with him and caring for him.  You can make him smile like no one else!  When your dad and I decided to have a baby, there was always the unknown about how you and Will would feel and what our blended family would look like.  I have 3 children and Matthew has 2 siblings – there are no “half-siblings” in our family. When I was pregnant, I remember you telling me that the baby is special because he will be a piece of me and a piece of dad so he binds me to you and Will.  It is just amazing to see the bond between the three of you!! I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

Lots of Love, Jojo

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This month it was all I had to get my blog up and the letters written!  Some photos are iPhone so please excuse the quality and others were taken with my “real” camera.  😉


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