April Edition of Letters to our Sons

Dear Boys, I love you both so much!


When your dad and I married you were just 5 years old and now I can’t believe you’re already 9.  When you first came into my life you were just a little guy and you’re growing up so quickly into an amazing boy.  It is so fun to see you change and grow into your own person.  You are so sweet, fun loving, caring, thoughtful and sensitive.  I can’t wait to see where life takes you and I love being your step-mom!

You mature daily and I love your vocabulary!  You are so funny and have a great way of expressing yourself – sometimes you sound like a 9 year old and sometimes you say the most insightful things and sound like an adult.

You are also the best big brother ever. You and Matthew have an amazingly special bond. He looks up to you so much and I think you love having a “somebody”.  When I asked you recently what your favorite thing about Matthew is, your reply was “He’s funny.”  Then you paused for a moment and said “No, that’s not it.  EVERYTHING about Matthew is my favorite!” You make my heart sing!  You also call him “My brotha from anotha motha” and it cracks me up every time.  So true, but a funny way to think about it.

Ski season was so fun for you this year.  You chose to participate in a race program on Saturdays and the Park and Pipe program on Sundays.  I think this was a great blend for you, but look forward to seeing what you select next year.  The race program with Jerry was great to continue and build on your basic skills.  You had a fun time with the boys in your group and Jerry – so much fun that some weekends you decided to stay with Age Prep and not do Park and Pipe.  Then other weekends you had a great time skiing in the park with Elliott and going to Woodward.  I love that you’ll ski all day and then come home and want to ski off of the deck to practice your tricks and that you use your skateboard ramps to build jumps in the yard.  (Yes, your Dad and I allow all of this – haha.) You and Nicky are becoming such amazing skiers right before my eyes – its awesome!

This past month you started Rocket and Robot club once a week after school.  This is perfect for you and you’re having so much fun.  You have a rocket launch in a few weeks and I can’t wait to see what you and your friends have built!  You love Legos because you like to make things and put things together.  When you receive a Lego kit you can put it together in a matter of no time!  I’m always so amazed.  You and your buddy Arturo have such fun with your villages and are so creative.

You also recently went to Moab for Spring Break with Dad and Nicky.  You guys had a great time camping and mountain biking. I’m bummed that Matthew and I weren’t able to join you, but I’m sure it was nice to have some “big kid” time with Dad.  😉

We have had quite the spring (or long winter) this year, but you are so ready for warmer weather. Each day comes and you hope the snow has melted and that it is warm enough to wear shorts.  You love to play outside with your neighborhood friends and can’t wait for baseball.  Each time we drive by the baseball diamond you look to see how much snow has melted from the mound as once the fields are dry, baseball season starts.

I’m excited for spring, too and to see what adventures we have as the weather gets warmer.

I love you, kiddo!          Love, Jojo



I knew what it was like to be a mom to older kids, but obviously you were my first experience as a mom to a baby.  The last year and a half has been such a great ride and you have been an amazing gift to our family.  I feel you have created a strength and bond within our family.

You are 19 months old now and are changing so quickly, everyday in fact.  Each day you talk more and more.  Some of your favorite words are shoes, socks, boots, ni ni (night night), Nic-ny (Nicky), Wuh (Will), Daa-ie (Daddy), Mommy, bee boooz (ski boots), ball, skis, shovely (shovel), bye-bye, bubbles and then a few not so nice ones including NO! and MINE!

You love anything Will plays with including basketballs, baseballs, Legos, etc.  You also have an amazing love for footwear (and hats) and it is hilarious.  You care what socks and shoes you wear and you absolutely love your snow boots.  Most of this winter those are all you would keep on your feet.  You also will take off your shoes to wear the “big people’s” around the house.

You are a total mountain baby!  You love hats, boots and any ski equipment that the “big kids” left around the house as well as sledding, snowshoeing and skiing.  It’s amazing that you seemed to know what ski boots were long before you should have.  Even though you were only 18 months we put you on skis, first in the house and then out in the yard.  You LOVED it and throw a fit each time we have to take the skis off.

Matthew, you are such a people person and have enough personality for two!  You love to have “your people” at home and check on all of us.  You walk around the house saying our names and making sure we are there.  Did I say “walk around the house”?  No, you RUN. Everywhere.

I’m so lucky to be your mom and can’t wait to see the new things you learn every day!

I love you Matty-G!          Love, Mommy

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.

This month it was all I had to get my blog up and the letters written!  Some photos are iPhone so please excuse the quality and others were taken with my “real” camera.  😉

April Edition of Letters to our Daughters

Dear Nicky,

I don’t even know where to begin!  Since this is my first letter in the series, maybe I’ll start somewhere close to the beginning… In the 4 1/2 years that I’ve been married to your dad we have already shared so many amazing experiences as a family.  So many good things (soooo many good things!) and some not so good. You have been through some life experiences that no child, or adult should have had to deal with and you’ve come out on the other side a thoughtful, strong, and caring person. Those experiences have helped shape you into the amazing young woman that you’ve become and they make you so appreciative of the good things in your life.

As your step-mom (and even before I was your step-mom) we talked about how I was not going to replace your mother.  I was going to be a parent, first and foremost, but then your advisor and your friend – we could define our relationship and make it whatever we wanted.  And we have succeeded!  Our relationship is very special to me, much more so than I could have ever known and I’m sure I don’t tell you that enough. ❤

This year you are 16 and a sophomore!  I can’t believe it.  I remember little Nicky out on the mountain ripping it up.  You still rip!  You have worked hard at skiing and have become an amazing skier.  I love that you have a background in racing, but decided to move on and pursue Big Mountain Competitions. It is very fun to see you so passionate about this aspect of skiing and I can’t wait until I can go to one of your “comps” next year.  People ask me, “How on earth do you let your daughter do that?  Isn’t is dangerous?”.  Yes, it can be dangerous, although I don’t think its any more dangerous than hurling yourself down an icy mountain at top speeds (otherwise known as ski racing – haha) which I completely condone. I guess it helps to have a former ski racer for a step-mom, huh?

Your next athletic love is Rugby.  (Do we see a trend with risky sports?)  The Summit High School Rugby program has been amazing for you and I’m sure has helped to define your high school experience.  You have a great coach and amazing team mates, although Dad never thought he’d be telling his daughter “Great tackle, honey.”  This past fall, as a sophomore, you played on both the JV and Varsity teams.  I’ll never forget the game you played at Infinity Park where you were tackled and ended up with a pretty severe concussion.  I was so scared!  Parents never like to see their children hurt, but once again you came out on the other side of this injury stronger than before.  People ask me about Rugby, “How on earth do you let your daughter do that?  Isn’t is dangerous?”.  Yes, it can be dangerous, but children can’t be kept in glass jars.  The benefits to your mind and body for doing something you love, far outweigh the risks.  In just a few short weeks to head off to Milwaukee without me or dad for the weekend to compete in Rugby Nationals with the Varsity team and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

You are also a big sister.  Twice.  Your little brothers love you so much and look up to you, especially Will.  You are a wonderful sister and I see your bond with Will getting stronger every day as you both grow up.  Matthew loves you too! (Although we ALL know that Will is his favorite person, even before me and dad.  haha)  As Matthew has gotten a little bit older (19 mos), you have become much more comfortable playing with him and caring for him.  You can make him smile like no one else!  When your dad and I decided to have a baby, there was always the unknown about how you and Will would feel and what our blended family would look like.  I have 3 children and Matthew has 2 siblings – there are no “half-siblings” in our family. When I was pregnant, I remember you telling me that the baby is special because he will be a piece of me and a piece of dad so he binds me to you and Will.  It is just amazing to see the bond between the three of you!! I’m so lucky to have you in my life!

Lots of Love, Jojo

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A little background about “Letters to our Children”.

This month it was all I had to get my blog up and the letters written!  Some photos are iPhone so please excuse the quality and others were taken with my “real” camera.  😉

Ugh, more snow!

Living in the Colorado Rockies we always expect snow in the springtime.  However, this year we have gotten more snow in the spring than we did during the entire winter (or at least it feels that way).  After the past few years and the lack of snow all we hear is “well, we need the moisture”.  Yes, yes we do, but I’m ready for SPRING!  Image